Monday, November 2, 2009

The BEST....

The BEST thing about quilting is
giving them AWAY!!!
I was able to give this quilt to friends yesterday.

What a WONDERFUL feeling that is!!!
Do any of you quilters out there have that same feeling?
This quilt went to the son and daughter-in-law of my
quilt mom Gerda.
I blogged about it here.

The second BEST thing about quilting is
Who will this little quilt go to?

I can imagine a sweet little boy playing with his rattle on here!

That blue binding is kind of boring.
Do you think that little baby will notice?
I wanted a plaid or stripe or polka dot.
But....did I have any that matched that pretty blue?

Oh well....

And the last BEST thing about quilting is
clearing my MIND!
Sometimes I just want to sew and not THINK.
When I sew these simple four patches together...
I don't have to think...too much.
I can just sew and sew...
No pattern....
No matchy matchy problems....

And I also dream....
who's bed will this be on???

I think this quilt needs a little perking up.
How 'bout that border???

Yes....that spices it up a bit!!!


  1. I agree, the giving away part is always the best!!

  2. I love giving quilts away too! It's always nice to give a gift from the heart. And your little bee looks very busy. . .what a cute little costume.


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