Friday, October 30, 2009

waves and bees

I finished putting all my blocks together for this waverunner.
They are all 10" square.
I didn't follow the directions completely....surprise, sursprise!!
As you can see I used that inspiration fabric
and saved myself some time. Didn't have to piece those blocks!
Thanks Victoria!
It was a fun quilt to make!

And this little girl is ready for a parade!

Thankfully...Mommy finally got her act together..

and whipped together this....

Busy BEE costume!!!

I'm probably MOST proud of that little bee and flower
on her shirt!!!
I have a leftover bag of fabric pieces already attached to
that iron-on stuff...steam-a-seam.
I cut out that little bee and the flower was already in there..
woo hoo!!
THEN...After ironing them on....
I just ran around them with my sewing machine..
feed dogs down...just like I was quilting!

I'm adding this to amylou's sew and tell!!


  1. The waverunner turned out great, I love the way you used your focus fabric. Your little busy bee is just darling!

  2. i love your waverunner quilt! what a great way to use that focus fabric! i didn't notice it wasn't all pieced until you pointed out. it's very impressive!!!

    love your little bee. adorable!

  3. What a darling little bee! Isn't it fun to make costumes for little ones? One of my finishes this week is a halloween costume for my grandson. :o)

    Love your waverunner quilt, too. Beautiful colors!

  4. LOVE the colors in your waverunner quilt . . . gorgeous. (But how can you go wrong with blue?!)

    Your little bee is darling. Best of all it looks like it was a costume that was comfortable for her to wear. Good job, Mom!

  5. Nice job on the waverunner, Beth! Can't wait to see it finished. And I hope your little bee has a fabulous Halloween. She's adorable.

  6. I love the this quilt--I thought it was pieced (and thinking I'd never go to that trouble). Very effective. Cute little bee!

  7. I've never seen this pattern before - but I LOVE it! It's so cool to see those wavy lines where you would expect them to be straight! WOW! great job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that quilt but that little bee of yours is a doll!

  9. this quilt is so pretty. i love the colors. and your little bee is awfully cute

  10. Nice quilt; but, wonderful, adoarable busy bee.

  11. Love the colours in your quilt - it looks great! And your little bee is so sweet. I hope she has good weather for tonight - it looks like rain for us up here.

  12. It really does look like waves, so calming! I love all the different blues!

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your quilt is lovely, but the bee costume is just adorable. It looks like she's enjoying it.

  14. I love the colors of your quilt. Definetly has an ocean feel.

  15. Your waverunner quilt turned out great. Love the way you used that coordinating fabric. I may have to copy that idea (you don't mind do you?), because my waverunner is doing nothing for me at the moment. It needs something.

    Your daughter (and her costume) is adorable!! She looks happy to be wearing something her mommy made.

  16. love the blues in your quilt - so soothing! And love your little bee :)


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