Friday, October 2, 2009

too much fun!

This little guy was soooo much fun to make!
I had that baby quilt ready to go.
The baby shower is tonight.
I thought....
wouldn't it be nice to add a little toy with that quilt?

I was going to buy a little something at target.
But......I started dreaming about a handmade toy.
What could I make!?
I started looking around blogland and found something!
Belinda had a cute little owl a couple of days ago.
She refers you to Mel's tutorial.

Truth is....
I quickly looked at the tutorial and then
I think it looks pretty similar....but...
I didn't measure a thing and have no idea
how big Belinda's or Mel's are. :)

Here is where I tried an experiment.
How can I make those wings have that
CRINKLY sound you get in toys sometimes?
I stuffed them with cheap plastic grocery bags.
They were a little crinkly sounding,
but not good enough.
I also realized....Thankfully before finishing the project
that plastic probably wouldn't survive the laundry!!!
SO much for my toy engineering skills.

Here he is imagining what it would be like to be
Remember the velveteen rabbit?
(children's story book from long ago)

Here is my contribution to a blogland request.
Belinda wants pictures of the BACKS of quilts.
Thought I'd show you the front first...
is that o.k.?
I made this last summer.
First I cut those white panels.
Then appliqued the swirly vine.
It was a great summer project because I took the white panels
everywhere....camping, picnics, etc.
and just cut leaves and appliqued them on
without a pattern or much of a plan.
I have a bag full of little tiny pieces of fabric that went along on these trips.
The leaves are all pointing the same way...
but they are not all exactly alike.
AND I like that!

Here's the back.
That leaf there holds a secret.
A mistake!

sometimes when you quilt a quilt you end up with a

I did.
A big pucker.

The leaf is nice though.

So glad I made that mistake!
Hey! did anyone notice the upside down beak on that bird?
I just did....
I'm going to fix that right now...:)


  1. Hi Beth...thanks for playing along with 'showing us your backs'! What a great idea for hiding mistakes. Your little leaf adds such a flair to your back.
    I love your little owl too...he has a whimsy
    look to him...I love how you did his eyes!!

  2. Oh...yeah....your front is w-a-y cute too!!

  3. Your little owl creature is adorable and so, so, so much better than anything you might have purchased at Target!

    Love your appliqued quilt . . . simple and yet very elegant. And the leaf applique on the back to hide the boo-boo? Precious.

  4. Love the way you put the leaf on the back of the quilt. Looks like it was planned that way. The owl and baby quilt are adorable.

  5. that owl is crazy adorable!! awesome finish. The appliqued leaf is a great idea to cover a pucker

  6. Found you via Sew & Tell. That quilt is amazing! It's fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love, love, love the leaves! I've been wanting to try one and yours is inspirational! The owl is way too cute!

  8. love it all! THanks so much for sharing!

    The owl is adorable!

  9. Love your owl and the leaf quilt!
    What a great way to disguise a pucker. I once had to add a applique to the front of a quilt after I had cut a hole in it while removing those plastic thingies that goes with a basting gun. The basting gun has rested peacefully in my drawer ever since...

  10. I love applique and love
    your quilt Beth!

    Sometimes mistakes forces
    us to be more creative.

    Very pretty back!


  11. I LOVE the owl and your leaf quilt, that quilt is sooo pretty!

  12. Well the front is beautiful.....the leaf on the back is gorgeous! I think it is so excellent I just may put a big old pucker on the back of my next quilting project so I have an excuse to use your fabulous idea.

  13. Hi I'm dropping by for a visit to check out the postings about quilt backs. I really love your panel quilt with the free form leaves. It is very charming. What a good idea to be able to take the section along to work on wherever you were going. Love your applique leaf on the back. I see it is very fancy and has some nice vein patterns too. What a good solution for a bad pucker.

  14. The owl is darling! I needed to applique flowers on the back of quilt I made many (many) years ago for my daughter, because I didn't get the back on right and the batting was showing through in a corner. Horrors! Of course, that led to me appliquing the flower all over so it didn't look like I was covering up a mistake. lol

  15. My internet friends in Australia are so into owls. I must have them take a look. Great quilt Beth. --marilyn

  16. What a stunnung quilt! And the leaf on the back is quite inspired! Your little owl is so cute too. Great job on all.

  17. Ooops! That was supposed to be "stunning" not "stunnung". Typing with a broken arm is challenging!

  18. So this is the famous quilt and owl set I've heard so much about!! It's so adorable! You have GOT to make more stuffed animals!!!!!!!


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