Monday, October 19, 2009

unexpected quilt show.

Who would have guessed?.....
An October camping trip coincided with a local quilt show!!!
This beautiful blue and white quilt greeted us as we walked into
a quilt show put on by the ladies in Idyllwild, California.
My Mother-in-law and I took a little break from the camping experience
and traveled about 20 minutes to see some
LOVELY quilts.
What a wonderful coincidence!
Here's the first place winner.
Hand appliqued and machine quilted.
It was gorgeous in person!
My pictures don't do it justice.

I loved this bowl of fruit.
Well, I loved looking at all the quilts.
But, you know what?
I think the highlight for me was...

This pile.

Do you see that price tag?

There were a few tables FULL of
Quilters' castoffs.

Heavy fabric for bags and who knows what else?

Plaids to add to my collection.
Someday I'm going to make a plaid quilt!
I'm now closer to my goal!

Someone had sewn all these strips together
and decided to quit.
Well, I just might finish the job for her.

And last but NOT least.
This LOVELY piece of unusual Christmas fabric!
My husband wondered how much fabric they had on those tables.
I said, "a lot".
He wondered why I
didn't buy MORE!
Then I wondered....
"Can I go back?"


  1. Now I wonder how many people could go camping for a weekend and end up finding a quilt show AND some unbelievable fabric bargains?!?

    Thanks for sharing the show quilts with us . . . some real beauties.

    Who could possibly pass up that fabric you got? Not me. Great haul!

  2. Now just how is that possible that you would find a quilt show while camping? LOL



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