Tuesday, October 6, 2009

soup and sweater weather!

This fall season gives us all a chance to be creative.....
Don't you think?
We aren't cleaning because the kids are in school.
We aren't cooking because the crockpot does all the work.
Does this sound like a dream?
Yes, I suppose it does.
I made this simple soup yesterday and it was a big hit.
These are my ingredients.
Of course, those vegetables were chopped up a bit. :)

I poured it all in here and turned it on!
It cooked all afternoon and by dinner it was nice and smooth.

I also added a bunch of these spices.
I LOVE Mrs. Dash seasonings.
We try not to use salt at our house and these have saved my
"cooking" life.
I especially like to add a little of that Curry in this soup.
It gives it a punch!
I do not measure spices. I just sprinkle it on.
Since there's no sure won't be too salty. :)

Before serving...add a little milk.

While that is cooking...SEW!
Here is a fun project I worked on today.
It took NO TIME at all to change this
BLAH sweater into this..


I Love doing this kind of thing.
I found the sweater at the thrift store.
It is SOOO soft....but those sleeves were way too long.

I cut 'em off!
Trimmed them with some of my left over binding.

Added a little piece of fabric and buttons at the top.

I like it!

And those sleeves are now the right size for me.
I don't like long sleeves and these are now perfect.

I'm so glad some of my favorite binding matched my


  1. Ha! I just made a batch of green split pea soup, too! I put potato chunks and some leftover ham in mine.

    Love what you did to the sleeves of the sweater. Such an improvement.

  2. Yum! We had soup for dinner tonight, too. Our "fall" weather just calls for it. lol

  3. You are so creative! That soup looks delicious and that sweater looks so much better. You are truly amazing.


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