Monday, October 12, 2009

quilt fever.

About four years ago I caught quilt fever from a dear friend.
My husband and I took 2 sons and a foster son, on a trip to
Yellowstone National Park to visit my dear friend and her husband.
This dear friend, Gerda, took me to some quilt shops in the area.
She LOVED to quilt. And I should say that she caught the fever from her
daughter-in-law, Phyllis.
Now, mind you, I DID know how to use a sewing machine.
I DID like to make things for my home.
I had even made some quilts.
I did not have the fever like my friend or her daughter-in-law.
That summer I CAUGHT IT!
I caught it BAD.
AND the fever has not ABATED!
When we got home from that memorable trip, the boys and I
took a tub of scraps Gerda had given me and we
I really wanted the boys all to have one and it was a fun
summer project to involve them in.
This one was made by my son who was in 7th grade at the time.
My foster son also made one and took it with him when he
went to live with some relatives. I'm super happy that
he has a piece of that summer with him now.

The boys were able to go through the tub of fabric and choose some scraps they liked.
My son LOVED that wolf fabric. He sewed the strips together
and I think I put them together with those long strips to help.
The boys tied the quilts with yarn.
AND they LOVED them!

This quilt is still on my son's bed.
I have since then made a longer quilt because he is now over 6 feet tall!
This is the quilt he wants on his bed.

How long does quilt fever last?


  1. For you, it will last a very long time. You were born to quilt Beth.

  2. Welll, I don't know 'bout you, Beth, but I hope my quilt fever lasts forever!

    The story of the quilts you made with the boys is heart warming. Obviously, it is something they both will remember and treasure forever. What a good mama you were to give that gift to them.

  3. Well, as I recently said, 25 years and counting, LOL!

  4. What a wonderful introduction to quilting and obviously you and the boys have treasured it.
    I think the fever is with you for life-there is no cure!

  5. Beth,
    What a great story about Gerda and quilting. It has only been 4 years? Seems like longer with all the beautiful quilts you have made.
    Also, I made your pea soup.......below............delicious. I never made it in the crock pot before and it is perfect. Thanks

  6. I love having quilt fever! It's so much more than making blankets. And such a reward to be creatinging comfort and lasting memories. I love that you made these quilts with your boys! So sweet. x

  7. Aaahhh...I loved this post!! How sweet he is 6 foot now, but still wants 'his' quilt!!
    I think my fever has gone up a few degrees!!!


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