Wednesday, September 16, 2009


These are quilt blocks waiting for their moment.
Their moment to be a QUILT!
They have been locked away
for about a year or so.
I won them in a sort-of quilt swap.
I made a couple of blocks
turned them in,
and then won a bunch!
It was fun...
but these poor guys haven't seen the light of day since.
DO you have any of these lonely guys at your house?
I'm looking at them today.
Poor things.
They need some helpers...
but who's gonna help?
Some pretty floral between them?
more pieced blocks alternating?
They just don't have enough substance
to be a quilt yet!
I just don't know what to tell these guys.
"It's the right season for your colors..." ?
"I may have some matching fabric...."?
I think I'll leave them out to today
to breath some fresh air.
Maybe I'll be inspired to give them some
What do you do with your lonely blocks?


  1. Here's what the blocks said to me.

    A sashing inbetween all the blocks and bordering the whole thing. (Is that a teal color I see in some of the blocks? I'd go with that color.) Then another border of a beige-ish/ecru (like the backings of the blocks). Then a pieced border of perhaps 2" x 4" rectangles (depending on what size the blocks are). And then . . . ?? Don't know what size you want to shoot for. Large wall hanging? Lap quilt?

    Anywho, that's just what I see. Good luck! Sometimes lonely blocks just have to reach the right age before they tell us what to do with them!

  2. I see sashing too... makes things grow so nicely! Or maybe you could split them up and make one or two long table runners...?

    Too many ideas, too little time, isn't that the way it goes! Thanks for your visit today!

    Blessings, Kimberly


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