Tuesday, September 22, 2009

too much fabric!

After folding ALL this fabric recently...
I don't need any more fabric!!!
The act of folding it really, really helped!
I vowed I would not go to a fabric store
until I REALLY needed something
AND....I haven't been to a fabric store since.

I went to a THRIFT store!
A thrift store is not a fabric store.
I wasn't even THINKING about fabric when I saw these curtains.
They were still in the package!
Brand new!
(excuse the sideways picture above.
I got ahead of usual...
and didn't turn it before posting.))

Well, my mind went right to QUILT.
These would make a great
I bought 'em!
I took 'em home!
And now I can make another quilt!
I think I can just fit these curtains in that empty
space on the second shelf. :)

This is a quilt top that I have had in my cupboard for years.
This is the way I used to make quilts...
and this one never made the cut and never was gifted.
I would Cut 6" squares and sew them together.
Well, I didn't think this quilt would ever find a good home.
BUT...I think this week it did!
My daughter's friend came over and
ooohed and aaawed over all the quilts
over here at my house...
Did you know I have a few quilts?
Every bed, every sofa, a few walls....
it's kind of embarrassing.

Like I said, this quilt has waited a long time.
That little square there came from a skirt I made
M-a-n-y, m-a-n-y Moons ago!
So I quilted this top and finished it...
no longer a UFO.

I was so happy to make a college girl happy.
Everyone should have a quilt....
especially if that somebody
LOVES quilts....

Here's the back.
I have a whole bolt of muslin I need to use up.
What do you quilters use for muslin...
how do I look for quality in muslin?
inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Call me cheap, but when I make a wall hanging or table runner for myself, I back it with muslin. I mean the backing is NEVER gonna be seen so why "waste" more expensive, good fabric on it?

    If it's something to be given away, I do use coordinating fabric.

    I buy a partial bolt of muslin off the shelf in a fabric store and it lasts me a long time. I'm not too particular but just give it the feel test and make sure the weave isn't too loose. Most muslin sold in stores is of decent quality. I get the unbleached.

    I have purchased yardage of tea dyed muslin to use in a quilt top.

    Love the quilt the lucky college gal got . . . very homespun looking. I'll bet she'll treasure it for a long time.

  2. Hooray for finishing a quilt and giving it to someone that will LOVE it!

    I think I might, just might, have more fabric than you. But I do not have it all in one place. Not everyone needs to know how much fabric I have. Plus, I'm not as prolific as you. So now I know that I definitely do NOT need more fabric. I'm going to try to better about getting more fabric!

  3. I keep meaning to post pictures of my stash. Way too much fabric. I keep saying I will NOT buy more. Until I find something I simply must have. So stash pictures may eventually make it to my blog, but maybe in separate posts...

    It's just one of the best things to give a quilt to someone who will love it.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll stop by again.

  4. Too much fabric, is there such a thing?

  5. Thank you for your soo LOVELY mail!
    I was on night shift and so I`m late in checking my mails, but I could`nt answer via blogger mail ?!
    So I`m doing it this way. Thrift stores are a great place for fabric finds but you are right they are defenitly not fabric stores ;)
    Great find!

  6. I have tried to stop buying fabric more than once, but it never stuck for more than a few months.
    The strange thing is that when I dont't work on my quilts for a while, I buy fabric; when I'm busy quilting, I don't. I guess that I just need that little fabric fix on a regular basis, and online shopping in the evening is sooo convenient.
    These days I'm fortunately back in my sewing room, so there will be no "surprise" packages in the mail for a while.
    When I think of it; the folding fabric thing might just be the solution to my cravings...

  7. I can't even count the times I've echoed your words. NO MORE FABRIC, I tell myself. I'm not quite as disciplined as you, but I have been using making isolets mostly from scraps. It really does seem like my stash grows instead of diminishes, though. Does it seem like this to you?

  8. I have taught myself to finally sew a month and a half ago and I keep buying fabric even though I'm not buying it for any reason other than it's pretty. I think if it keeps up my going to be having the same problems all you guys are talking about. However, I am currently cutting for a quilt so hopefully this will use up a good bit of stash that I have.


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