Monday, September 21, 2009

Art Show.

I entered two quilts in a local art show this past weekend.
I was the only quilter represented. :)
I came home with a prize.
I was a happy quilter!

My artist friend said I should give it a shot....
at least enter and show my quilts.

So, i did.

Here's the detail on my 3rd place "art quilt".

This was the second time I have entered this kind of show.
It's just local art, so it's not too intimidating.

I do enjoy a challenge and these quilts were a
FUN challenge!

This little quilt
(inspired by a friend's painting who was first
inspired by another friend's photo)
did not win.

my husband says it's his favorite quilt so far....
so that, in my book....
is a BIG winner!


  1. Landogoshen, Beth, I think your portrait quilt is FANTASTIC!

  2. Wow, Beth, your quilts are amazing! Congratulations on your win. It's fun for me to finally see the quilts that you were telling me about.

  3. The quilts are really amazing. And you are always a winner, for doing such beautifull quilts.

  4. I really love these quilts! The quilt inspired by Heathers painting is one of the coolest things I've seen!!!

    Congrats on your prize!

  5. Congrats!!!! It is absolutely lovely