Thursday, September 10, 2009

another package!

I received another little package in the mail!
Manuela sent these two sweet christmas blocks
all the way from PORTUGAL!

We were told how to make these blocks by Beth.
And then she paired us all up with another
quilter interested in swapping!

Here are the four blocks I recieved so far.
Don't they look fun together?

Beth encouraged us not to make ALL of them
I look forward to getting two more blocks...
and then.....

who knows...?

maybe I'll make....


Ta DA!

I'm almost there.
Just the quilting to go.
I changed that center just a little to make it fit in more
with the color scheme.
The little circles and one of the leaves were added.

I also did that little bit of embroidery at the bottom.
(Thought I should cover their last name since I
don't know if they want me to splatter their name
all over blogland!)

I added that soft yellow around a couple of times...
Thanks to Mama Pea who recommended
some gold for the golden anniversary!
(Not quite gold, but it seemed to match)

I'm off to do some quilting!


  1. What cute little Christmas log cabins. You guys are putting me in the Christmas spirit!!
    I guess it IS time to start thinking about it!!
    Your finished anniversary top turned out go get that quilting done!!

  2. Your "Christmas" log cabin blocks are just delightful . . . and they all seem to go together so well!

    The anniversary quilt is lovely . . . and how sweet that you personalized it. I'm sure the lucky couple will treasure it.

  3. It's very beautifull, I think your friends are going to love it.


  4. Oh, Beth, Carl and Ruth are going to love their's beautiful!