Friday, September 11, 2009

a little quilted hug!

I love flowers.
I like to give flowers.
But I can't easily send these in the mail.
I CAN send something made from fabric!

I was visiting my dear Mother-in-law this week.
She had some cute little coasters on her coffee table.
I admired and tried to figure out how they were constructed.

They looked pretty simple...
I thought it would be nice to send a
quilted hug to MY
new daughter-in-law.

I cut six 4" squares for the back of these coasters.

I cut six 4" squares out of all that left over batting.

I cut four 4" SQUARES of fabric for EACH of the coasters.
(don't let this picture lead you to believe
they are triangles!)
4x6 = 24
12 of one fabric
12 from a contrasting fabric
Then I ironed these in half diagonally to make those

Now we can layer!
Back of coaster - right side up!

First triangle.

second triangle.

third triangle.

last triangle.
You have to tuck this one in.

Pin, pin, pin.

Sew around this square.
I did not use a walking foot....
but maybe I should have.
lazy, lazy, lazy.

Trim those corners.

Turn right side out.
I used a bamboo skewer to poke out those corners.

Here they are!
Hope my new daughter-in-law
feels loved when she opens this up!

I tried them out....
They WORK!


  1. A great idea for cristhmas gifts and to use scraps. I love it.


  2. Wow, very cool project! I love how these turned out.

  3. That's so great! Good idea:) Love it.

  4. Love these coasters. I have just made some and must put them on my blog to show everyone :) Thanks

  5. they are nice made round too.


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