Thursday, July 30, 2009

my sewing space

Here are the four patches I will talk about at the end of the post....o.k. bloggers. I decided to add this picture to the end of the blog, but couldn't move it. Then....I tried to delete, but don't know how. So friends, are these typical problems? Inquiring minds want to know.
Here it is.
Yes, I've taken over the dining room.
Once in a while, I clean it up for a nice Sunday meal....but recently I haven't. We just eat outside, or in the kitchen. My POOR family. :(
I have also stashed fabric on the chairs, so that you can't see it. Maybe someday I'll put a picture on my blog of my dining room table set for dinner with a beautiful quilty tablecloth on can dream, right?

Turn around and you can see I've even added a short little bookshelf to keep all those little things like fat quarters, thread, scissors, and the list goes on. I sure didn't clean up much for these photos. (the white bookshelf did have more stuff on the top, but I cleaned it off).

This is where the treasure is!
But I won't open it tonight.
It's a huge MESS.
I looked at it thinking I MIGHT open it for my blog....but couldn't face the music. This monstrosity was purchased for a few dollars at a neighbor's yard sale and it sits in my garage. Whenever I need some fabric I go shopping out here. Many of you use closets in the house, but my bedrooms are FULL of children, so I haven't been able to take them over YET.

Now, for a quilt.
My daughter made some four patches a couple of years ago (see the top of the post) with some scraps she liked. But after making A LOT of blocks, she lost interest or got discouraged. I took those blocks and put this quilt together for was a team effort.

Didn't she choose some fun fabric?

I had fun making this quilt and am happy we finished it for her.


  1. Very cute quilt! What a nice mommy to finish it! There are lots of dining room quilters, You area looks pretty neat. . .I love the garage stash idea!

  2. The quilt look really nice! I bet it feels good to finish a project and then move on to another.

  3. i like your quilting space! what a great big table to work on! i have to say, how great it is that you have such a large cabinet to store your fabric. even if it has to be in the garage. at least you can shop there for free. :)

  4. Your Sewing Space!!!

    NOW... I know why I connected with your blog immediately!!!

    I too, have the same Juki - which I LOVE... and... my sewing machine has the VERY same photo copied piece of paper taped to the inside arm of my machine!!!



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