Saturday, July 18, 2009

busy saturday

i started today thinking about a new quilt-a-long that crazy mom will begin again on monday. yeah! i'm trying to figure this blog-quilt-thing and finally feel like i have a handle on some of the many intricacies of this big SUB-CULTURE called "quilters".

The decision today - "what fabric am i going to use?" HUGE decision. right?

so i went shopping in my garage and came up with a few fabric choices. I also made one block. Oh no! do i have to wait until monday to begin?

I have some small pieces of fabric, but i also have a small box full of 2 1/2" strips i may dig into as i go.

i'm sure looking forward to seeing what other quilters will come up with on this fun!
i would REALLY like to know how to put pictures between text. Does anyone out there care to help? make it simple....i'm very simple-minded - especially when it comes to technology. :)


  1. I always have a hard time picking fabric too! Good luck on the quilt a long.

    I upload my photos to blogger after writing my text - all you have to do then is select the photo you want (from the top when they are automatically loaded to) with your cursor and drag them down between whatever text you want.

  2. bonnie
    thanks! now i know that i need to work on my "picture dragging" skills.


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