Tuesday, July 21, 2009

t-shirt quilt

i started my t-shirt quilt yesterday. here's my step-by-step
supplies: about 15 - 20 t-shirts, fusible interfacing, extra fabric for border, backing and binding.

Here's my shirt ready to cut. (Is it hard for you to cut a nice shirt?). My widest picture was about 14", so i will cut it 15" wide or so. I want all my pictures to be 14" wide when I'm done.

first cut - ouch!

Cut through all layers - it's easier that way. About 15" wide and ANY SIZE top to bottom.

Use pellon (fusible interfacing) in a bag or some that has been sealed. I bought some at a reduced price on the bolt and it did not stick at all.

Cut your pellon 14" wide and then fit it to the size of your shirt's picture height.

Lay pellon on back of shirt picture. pellon will be a little smaller. this helps because the t-shirt fabric tends to roll at the edges.

Use a pressing cloth and water bottle to press. Follow manufacturers directions.


Now trim the t-shirt at the edge of your adhered pellon - remember it's 14" wide, any size height.

Here I am trimming the top and bottom of my pieces right before sewing them together. I liked having the extra t-shirt fabric that just needed a trim before sewing. have you noticed my broken cutting ruler? the tape has been holding it for a long time now - I'm so cheap:)

Sew t-shirt pics together.

VIOla! We're getting somewhere, but all my rows are different lengths. I will be adding pieces of fun fabric to each row after measuring them. I want them all to be the same length before finishing this, right?

I hope to show you soon how this turns out. I'm dreaming about using half square triangles around the outside of this as a border. We'll see.....
This quilt goes to my neighbor who is a true "big brother" to my son. It's so nice to have those other adults in your children's lives. They're the ones that inspire our kids and really help us in our years of child-rearing.


  1. Great tutorial. Now it is on my ever growing to do list!!

  2. Beth, I loved your tutorial and was wondering if you ever finished the quilt. I'm in the process of making one for my step-son and could use all the help I can get.

  3. Judy: I finished my quilt. I can't reply by email because your comment is set up as a no-reply. If you need more help you might want to email me directly with specific questions. Thanks.


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