Thursday, July 9, 2009

first and last

  This horse quilt is not THE first, but one of the firsts I own. I made this for my little boy about 13 years ago. He LOVED horses as a little toddler. I cut some small squares and hand pieced. I also hand appliqued the horse heads, with a little embroidery thread for details. I remember having this project on a summer camping trip we went on. At the time I made this I did not know enough to worry about seams matching, etc. My little boy sure wasn't going to notice. :) At 15 he still uses this quilt and it has been loved to DEATH. The fabric has worn out, but amazing to me - the applique and hand piecing seams have held up. Wow! I had no idea that hand stitching and applique were so sturdy. I also did not know enough to use batting. I was pinching pennies and used an old blanket. oh well. For the quilting part I just quilted small, short lines, sort of like tying, but with the machine.

  My most current quilt is a gift for a new bride. I enjoyed making the hexagon blocks and hope to do it again. All that's left on this quilt is the binding. Those corners are a little tricky, so I need to hand stitch the back. I forgot to turn the last photo before placing it on the blog...I have a lot to learn! I also want to learn how to place the pictures where I want and not where blogger decides to put them.


  1. good job mom! i like the horse quilt!

  2. i want to try that hexagon pattern, it looks fabulous!

  3. What a lucky new bride, that is such a lovely quilt! And the first quilt looks so loved. That's why we make quilts, after all. Thanks for posting- it was fun to read about your quilts!

  4. The horse quilt is so sweet! And what a wonderful gift for the bride!

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