Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monday Making

I have been working OFF and on
on this terrific mix of color!

LOTS of half square triangles...
1 1/2" finished size!!!

I think I have enough for a decent sized baby quilt.
You know me.
I love baby quilts. 

Hopefully I'll have time to add some more white
AND some more 1 1/2" "HAPPY" to this quilt this week.

My kitchen is being torn out tomorrow...
so I'm sure the next few weeks of my life
will be a BLUR.
Who knows?
Maybe I'll retreat to my sewing room more often???

What are you up to this week???


  1. That's a lot of HST! Love all that color. It's going to be a fun baby quilt.

  2. Two things I love -- HSTs & medallions! Add lovely fabrics & I love it more!

  3. Those HSTs make such a lovely pattern.

    Oh, Beth, you have my sympathy. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen.

  4. Yay for the kitchen ( I think) it will be all brand new! Andyes, you should retreat more to your sewing room!

  5. I love HST's, but wow! Those are tiny! Miniatures of anything are so cute; this baby quilt with tiny HST's will be gorgeous. :)

  6. Love all those hsts. It's going to be a wonderful baby quilt!

  7. I love hst and like you often make them small. Love the colours you are using - it will be a sweet baby quilt.

  8. It's nice to see a "full" link up. I'm a day late but happy to be here. The little triangles are looking great. Lots of interest in the colors and the design. Great job.

  9. I'm sewing up a bunch of bonus triangles with my current project, hoping to get a bonus baby quilt out of it. Yours is lovely!


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