Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday Making

At this time of year I usually get into HIGH gear
as I finish all the homemade gifts that I WANT to give away.
After all....
Handmade is special!!
Are you scurrying around too???

This week I'll probably do a little bit more knitting.
I try to use what I have!
I dig around here and try to find yarn and fabric that suits the project
and the person!

I don't collect fabric and yarn much...
but...let me tell you...
It doesn't take LONG to acquire a MASS of RAW ingredients
for all my creative pursuits!

I've been going between TWO baby vest patterns...
trying to decide which I like best.
Fall vest???  knit top down
Plain vest???  knit bottom to top

The advantage to the first is that I did NOT have to figure out the decrease rows.
I don't like fiddling with the numbers. AT. All.

This week I may try to get some of my yarns to
It might take some doing.....
but I want to try!

What are you doing this week??


  1. The little red one is so cute....and just the colour of my cherries!

  2. I will be knitting away this week in between work and meetings and commitments. Enjoy your making time.

  3. Good luck with your holiday gifts. I have one quilt that needs to be bound this week so it's ready to ship for Christmas.

  4. I look forward to seeing what you come up with as you get your yarn to play nicely together.

  5. I'm gearing up my sock knitting frenzy for Christmas -- have two addicted-to-hand-knit-socks grandchildren!! Enjoy making them -- fast and just a short seam to stitch up at the end!!

  6. ooh a knitter too! That little cherry red vest is darling. I don't think I could decide between the two patterns either. Go for fastest! Happy knitting.

  7. I love the fall vest. I have never learned to knit but keep thinking it would be a great thing to know and easier to carry around than hand quilting.


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