Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Baby knit

Don't we all love baby knits??
With a new grand baby almost here...
I think my mind is ON babies!!!

I found a simple pattern for this vest here...
and worked on it NON-stop until it was DONE!!!

Ravelry also has the pattern link here.
I enjoyed looking at everyone's projects based on this pattern.
There are a WHOPPING 1300 projects!!!
It might take you a while to see them ALL!!  LOL!

It was helpful to read comments on this as well.
The decreases are not specific enough for new knitters....
so there were some helpful hints given in some of the projects!
Thank heavens!

The pattern calls for TWO kinds of yarn...
and this is what's leftover.

I was happy I had some suitable yarn in my stash!
I love buying new yarn and fabric...
but am so PLEASED when I can use what I already have!!!

My hands a little sore from all that knitting...
think I'll sew some stitches today!


  1. The baby vest is just adorable and I love how you blended colors for stripes with your constant yarn for unity!

  2. Lovely!! I sure do appreciate the comments in Ravelry - I avoid so many mistakes that way!

  3. Darling, Beth. You must all be so excited as the big day approaches.

  4. Knitting is on Bucket list. I do crochet some and just finish up a swift covering. Also I have a grand daughter and I been trying to find a simple cap to do.
    Coffee is on

  5. Very cute! Love the graduated colors.


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