Sunday, June 7, 2015

Monday Making

After receiving an email requesting quilts for
I was inspired to make a QUILT!

I opened my orphan box....
I found I don't have enough patriotic!!!!
Not near enough to make a good sized quilt.

Guess I'll be making some red ,white and BLUE this week!!!
If you're interested in helping out...
I'd be happy to include a star block from you.
Just leave a comment and I'll send my address.
I've had fun in the past
putting LOTS of blog-LOVE into charity quilts.
You might have a patriotic orphan looking for a home.

That's what I'm hoping to make THIS week!

What are you up to this week??

I call it Monday Making.
It's always fun to share 
and linky parties make it easy.


  1. What size block do you need? How soon do you need the blocks?

  2. Any size block wil be welcome and I'd like to have them by june 25. Thanks so much!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea!

  4. Would love to send you a block - have your address.

  5. I would love to send a block or two, if I can get this posted! (I love your blog, I'm just severely limited in my computer skills!!)

    1. A couple of you commentors must have a "no reply" setting. If you don't get an email back from me, please use the email address on the right and we can connect that way. Thanks!

  6. count me in...I'll get my blocks started today...

  7. I always love the RW&B quilts. Your blocks loo so pretty. Our guild does the QofV. It is such a great cause.

  8. I just happen to be making stars in red and blue. Would love to send you one. Please send me your address. Just in case


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