Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super simple

I have become a DEPOSITORY for leftovers.
If  friends make something.... they think I am the
LUCKY winner for the leftover pieces!

I try to say NO....
But it doesn't always work.

These flannel strips came in a little bag
and were almost all leftovers cut the WIDTH of the fabric.

Very timely leftover acquisition...
since last night my husband thought I needed some DOWN time...
and suggested I go SEW!!!

He knows me well.
All I had to do was sew these strips together!
They're all a little bit different widths.
(I didn't even TRIM them!)

I got these strips together BEFORE they took ROOT in my STASH!!!

Sometimes if you add the NEW scraps to the OLD....
they begin settling in and NOT finding their way OUT of the stash!!!

I call it "taking ROOT"!

The plaid backing was in my stash!
So the UP side to getting leftovers is....
you end up using some of your stash to FILL in and complete the quilt!!

The wavy quilted lines were SO EASY!!
I need to use them more often.

So that's it friends.
The SIMPLEST Scrappy quilt arrangement
with gifted LEFTOVERS.
ADD them together you get....
SANITY sewing!
You also get..
a GREAT charity quilt that will comfort and bring joy to others!

This quilt measures about 40"x60"
I used MOST of the leftovers given to me.
I used plaid from my stash
I was also able to find some leftover binding strips
to make a scrappy binding!!!


  1. Great use of scrap stripes! Bright and cheerful!

  2. Perfect all around! I've done quilts like that using wof leftovers -- fun and interesting and best of all easy.

  3. But you always turn scraps into magical quilts, even if they're simple, so I can see why people know you're the perfect recipient of fabrics.

  4. Super simple, super cute! You make the best use of the scraps that come your way.

  5. Simple, sweet and wonderful. You are awesome with a bag of scraps.

  6. This quilt will be well loved, being so colorful and cuddly as well.

  7. What a pretty and cheerful quilt! I love those beautiful scraps and the backing fabric is perfect for this quilt.

  8. I LOVE it Beth,
    SOMEtimes it is good to be a "lucky winner" of left over scraps. I have a similar problem/blessing....and mine most certainly have taken root. I really MUST do something about that.... but then other new projects interfere....
    i do understand 'sanity sewing'..... i do that often.
    the wavy lines quilting is perfect. do you use your walking foot for those, or the regular foot?? i was amazed at how well the juki sewed on a smaller project it did, with the regular foot, and no puckers.

  9. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration I have some scraps that were given to me and I had no idea what to do with them. Now I do! 😘


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