Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monday Making

I'm not sure what I'll be making this week...
NOT at this point.

I've been busy cleaning out a relatives home......
Running into OLD, old projects of mine.

Quilts and things made WAY before I knew what I was doing!
I SURE had fun making them though!!!

I know I'll also be sitting outside some this week watching.

Watching My husband MAKE something!!!

Garden beds for LOTS more vegetables!!
Right now his vegetable garden keeps me BUSY in the kitchen
as I'm always adding it to our dinners!
There are MANY ways to add zucchini and celery into the main course!
These larger beds will either increase my creative work with zucchini...
or possibly give me more variety in the vegetable selection!!!

What will you be Making this week???

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  1. It's fun to find those old projects. You realize that you have learned a thing or two over the years.

  2. How sweet the relative kept them over the years. And, definitely shows you how much you have improved. Our big garden producer is string beans. This year hubby planted enough to freeze more for the winter. I'm also hoping the deer don't get the veggies, especially the tomatoes!

  3. Look at those great beds!!! You are going to be busy.

    Isn't it fun to look at some of your old work?

  4. Jealous of your garden beds and yard. They will be so WONDERFUL! Perhaps some day I will have some too.


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