Friday, June 5, 2015

Money Management

So happy I have little bits of upholstery fabric in the stash.
I've been SLOW to get this little project done....
But this little bag is finally a reality.

Every time I dug around in my current wallet for coins....
I KNEW I needed something a little more USER FRIENDLY.

Now I have another little bag in my purse.
How many little bags are in YOUR purse????


  1. Cute little bag... looks like a fancy knitting stitch.
    I have a few little dud bags in my purse and a little leather strawberry coin purse that I cherish. The duds are little patchwork bags I've made that really aren't showable, but they keep things organized.

  2. i just counted THREE little bags, plus wallet, and two glasses cases...yes, TWO... one reading (for DH) and one that interchanges my sunglasses/ driving glasses.
    BUT.... everything is "findable" in there, so little bags are a good thing!!

  3. is that a CANADIAN zipper? great fabric!

  4. I would love a coin purse myself....what a great idea. Love the heavy weight fabric :)

  5. Nice looking and so practical! I hope there will soon be a new tutorial for this tiny size, any chances for it?

  6. I have no bags inside my purse - sorry, I carry lite. But this is cute.

  7. What great fabric that is, Beth.

  8. How many little bags? Let's just say for too many - but I think I need one like that too!

  9. I don't have any little bags in my purse, but I need a few. My summer purse has two interior pockets and a zipper pocket, but everything pretty much clumps up in the bottom.

  10. I love your little purse! I mostly use upholstery fabrics because that's what I get hold of.
    It's funny how you say a purse full of bags, where we in the UK would say a bag full of purses.
    Teresa x


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