Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday Making

It's almost Monday where I am.
This little linky party is a fun way to share about 
what we're all in the MIDDLE of!

I KNOW we have lots of MIDDLEs going on....
don't we?

Wonder if "being in the MIDDLE of" something
has a better ring to it than
calling our little ongoing projects UFOs?????


I pulled out an "OLD friend" this week.
Another UN-UFO term.

has been HIGHjacked to the sewing repair man
and I'm a teeny bit frustrated at the back and forth nature of this particular problem.
Every time she returns to me....
there's tension issues after only 5 minutes of sewing!!
I've been told it's the thread cutter that's causing the problem.
Can I LIVE without the thread cutter if it doesn't work anymore??
Will I be able to TRAIN myself to NOT push that thread cutter button
if that's the case???
(I love that thread cutter)
Did I wear Ms. Juki OUT???

She is my little WORK horse!!!
Maybe I just worked her too hard???

Hopefully I"ll find some answers to these questions this week!

I'm sewing patchwork with miss Featherweight.
(She's good friend in time of need)
I'm taking lovely scraps
and turning them into blocks.

Not getting ahead on any deadlines.
Ah well.

Glad I had this OLD friendly project

What are you up to this week???


  1. Thank you for hosting. I just discovered your blog this week! How frustrating to have your longarm under the weather!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Juki problem...I've had a Juki for almost 15 years and use it constantly...interesting that the repair guy thinks the thread cutter is affecting the tension...doesn't make sense to me...and I couldn't live without the thread cutter..LOVE that feature along with the speed..hope things get fixed soon.

  3. I only own one machine and mine is currently in the shop for servicing - small town, one good shop so it is taking a month or more to get it back. I have been cutting projects, am currently cutting my 5th, will be able to sit and sew once I get my machine back. Oh how I would love a backup machine!

  4. I hope Ms. J comes back in good order. It's very frustrating when equipment is not working as you expect it to. I like the wonky stars-around-the-cabin blocks!

  5. oh yes, I love the idea of MIDDLE of project, not UFO which has a sense of shame and helplessness :)

  6. yes, "being in the middle of" a project is much more betterer sounding than that 'alien' term... hahah
    oh dear Miss Juki is at the hospital..... hopefully she comes back all good and ready to go. My Juki has been to the hospital once in the fall, and i fretted while she was away. i do have a couple of other machines, but NONE compare to the speed of the Juki.. i don't use the thread cutter often enough to miss it if it didn't work..... but i understand the relation between the thread cutter and the tension. my repair guy also mentioned the two together - so there must be something connecting the two... Juki's though, are meant to work, so i' sure she'll be back and in full mode again!!!! ...soon....
    aren't featherweights just the cats meow??? Amazing little machines!!!

    i love your block.... nice colours!!! I always love your scrappy works..... my kind of patching!!


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