Friday, April 10, 2015


It's so nice to finish a quilt top!
Little projects are fun...
but the BIG ones really make me HAPPY!

This quilt has been my camping project.
Every trip I did a few blocks....
or maybe only ONE.
After spring break last week
I knew I was CLOSE enough to finish!!!

I brought it home and got to work!

Scraps for this one include some oldies but goodies....

some strange creatures.

2" squares are so FUN!
I will say though....they ARE a challenge to put together.
They need to be CUT exactly
and that 1/4" seam better be 1/4"  or ELSE!!!

Can you tell I had some struggles?

I had planned on setting the blocks like this.

Plans change.
After doing some re-arranging........
(which is the FUN part, by the way)

I decided on THIS arrangement.

Yeah for a finished quilt top!!!


  1. It turned out great, love that you chose not to be like everyone else and change the setting, originality!

  2. looks great! how do you sew when you camp? do you take an iron too? I'm thinking of packing a FW and a small ironing board so I can sew when we're staying at serviced sites. or converting a FW to hand crank.

    1. We camp in a trailer now. (Not QUITE camping... LOL) I have a small iron and I added a padding to the little countertop for my ironing board. I have a little sewing kit there too so I have very little packing of SEWING things to do when we go. Now that this quilt top is done...I'll have to think of another project to leave up there. Makes getting ready so much easier!

  3. I like the revised layout - wonderful finish!

  4. Beautiful quilt! Working with those tiny squares is a challenge, but you did a fantastic job! And its done!!

  5. This is just so sweet - love the pops of lime green and yellow.

  6. i love the waves in the second layout! good choice. how fun to have this as memories of your camping as well as all the fun fabrics you've used. scrap projects are the best. i love projects like that. now you can stay this much warmer on your further camping adventures!

  7. Great quilt. This pattern is a fun one to make. I really like your setting, too. The red really pops.

  8. Love the arrangement you choose. This is a great quilt!

  9. Hi Beth! A fabulous scrappy and i love the zigzag lines of red you did!

  10. scrap quilts are the best. it is very nice and fun with all those fabric surprises

  11. Oh the riches of all those cute fabric scraps! Your top is dazzling and I love it!

  12. Exuberant! What a great setting!

  13. The zig zag is a great setting! Love the juxtaposition of red chains on the cool blues and greens. (Rather than asking if you used up your 2" strips/squares, I'll ask: how many do you have left over? )

  14. Too much fun!! This is on my "to-do" list -- have the squares, just need to sit down and sew!!


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