Friday, April 24, 2015


I'm happy to have a finish today!

A quilt is QUILTED...and BOUND!
That's always a GOOD thing.

I'm sending this off to my older daughter.
She works at a small school and they're having a BIG fundraiser next week.
It'll get there just in the NICK of time!!!

This quilt began with that big middle block...
given to me by a fellow quilter.

I added a few borders and called it DONE.

This lovely vintage cotton sheet makes the perfect backing.

This quilt contains
some HAND me DOWNS. 

Isn't THAT the perfect kind of quilt???


  1. What a perfect quilt finish. They are one lucky school to have this quilt as part of a fundraiser!! I think the combination of new, old, and hand me downs is ideal for a quilt. Lovely finish :)

  2. Perfect Beth,
    yes... old, new, and hand me downs is the way to go!!
    fund raiser - a perfect direction as well!!

  3. I have been using vintage cotton sheets from the thrift store for a few years now! I only buy the flat sheets (more yardage, easier to cut to size) and I wait for the twice a month 50% off sale! Typically, I'll pay $2.50 or less for a queen or king size sheet. If I see a twin size sheet that I just love, I'll pay the 99 cents for it. Lol!
    No problem with shrinkage, since it's been washed many times already! Any extra that I trim off when I'm finished goes into a stack to be used in quilt TOPS so there's rarely any waste!
    Never had a problem machine or hand quilting when using the sheets and it's a lot cheaper than buying the yardage I would need! It actually seems to be a better quality than some of the cottons I've seen lately at the big box fabric stores! Jmo.

  4. This is great! And it has given me a few ideas. I have a quilt top that I want to make bigger, but wasn't sure how I wanted to do it...Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is beautiful and I know they will love it.

  6. A community effort. You did good, Girl. Love that it now goes for a good cause.


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