Friday, April 17, 2015


Do you ever sew using fabric you didn't buy...
You don't LOVE?

That's what I did this week.

Batiks never call my name from the aisle as I walk by.
They don't "jump into my cart".  

When fabric is GIFTED to me...

It gets USED!!!

I'm so HAPPY I used this Jelly roll!!!

It's a beautiful quilt that I KNOW someone will LOVE.

I made the blocks using TWO strips of fabric
that I thought would be complimentary.

Often times this block is used with LIGHTS and DARKS.

Here's a little HOW TO.

that has the SAME block (different size)
but I constructed it differently this time.

Use TWO strips of fabric cut 2 1/2" (Width of fabric)

(2 strips will be enough for TWO blocks)

Green fabric - EIGHT 2 1/2" squares (photo has fabric doubled)
FOUR 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

Yellow fabric - EIGHT 2 1/2" squares                                      
FOUR 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

This is what you need for ONE block.

Make TWO four patches.

Join the four patches
put the YELLOW and GREEN rectangles together as shown.

Put it all together......
just WATCH that color placement.
It can be tricky if your brain is not IN GEAR.
That's IT!

Block should measure 8"x 8"

My jelly roll had 40 strips.
I made 40 blocks...
and needed TWO more to make it lap size (48"x56")
(6 blocks x 7 blocks)
What did I do?
I used the scraps to make two more blocks.
You MIGHT be able to spy one if you look really CLOSE
at the first pictures.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Thanks for the how-to, Beth. I've always liked this block though have usually seen it high-contrast eg red and white. Good choice for the batiks - great to turn unloved fabric into something that will be loved.

  2. Great looking quilt. Always fun using gifted fabric. Thanks for the tutorial, looks nice and simple to do for a terrific outcome.

  3. You are amazing, Beth! Thanks bunches for sharing the tutorial with us---that quilt looks great. :) And I love your tumblers, and that you got to have time with your daughter AND quilting retreat. :)

  4. I have a block like that pinned in Pinterest. Yours is very pretty done in the batiks -- and, no, I can't find the scrappy ones.

  5. Love it Beth,
    thanks also for the tut on it.

  6. It really does help to know that you're giving the quilt away when using fabrics that aren't special.:) It's a great quilt!

  7. Not a fan of batiks, but... this is really a great finish! Linda

  8. Batiks never speak to me've made a lovely quilt from them and it's sure to be someone's treasure! as for the scrappy blocks...I found one...

  9. Batiks are not my first choice, but your quilt sings! Thanks for directions on the block-
    needed new inspiration for hot pads, this will be great with all my strawberry fabrics! :-)

  10. That looks beautiful, Beth. Love the colors.

  11. I love challenging myself to use fabrics I don't "love." Your's turned out great! Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. I LOVE batiks and have so many I can't get my bins to close! This is the perfect solution - yay! I couldn't find your scrappy block. What's that old saying about if you can't see it while galloping by on a horse it doesn't exist?

  13. What a lovely way to use batiks, it really plays up to their rippling water kind of a feel and the whole effect is just beautiful !

  14. This is really gorgeous! I'm sure I've said this before, but I always admire the quilts that you are able to put together with fabrics that may not have originally been of your choosing, either. Great job!

  15. Great scrappy quilt. Thanks for the tutorial. Looking forward to using it with my scraps.

  16. I love how patchwork transforms fabric! I consider it my greatest creative challenge, to use fabric I don't love and make it somehow beautiful or RIGHT in its patchwork setting.

    Love how you did these blocks.


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