Thursday, March 6, 2014

Playing with blocks

What's your FAVORITE step in the quilt making process???
Choosing the fabric?
cutting the fabric?  (ugh)

Mine is this step:
Laying it ALL OUT!!!
oohing and aaahing.....

Taking that nice BIG STACK of blocks.....

and playing!!!!
One of these days I'll sew them together.
I'm just going to PLAY with the BLOCKS.


  1. Playing with the blocks is good quilty fun. I actually enjoy all the steps to making a quilt. My favorite is definitely putting the last few stitches hand sewing the binding to the back and turning over my new quilt. This feeling is the same with every quilt I make ... :) Pat

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  3. That's a tough thing to decide. I love all the steps, but like the cutting step less than the others.

  4. Love your blocks. Playing and stand back and admire is fun. I love scrappy blocks but hate squaring up blocks at the end. Sometimes I just estimate and sew them up. Makes for a wonky quilt.

  5. Isn't it funny? We are all so different! I used to dislike cutting but now I find it very relaxing. I struggle with laying them out and arranging them for color/intensity balance. I'm always second guessing myself. And yes, I do take pictures, rearrange, take pictures, rearrange. I just overthink it! Dang!

  6. I like deciding what to do with the fabric, and piecing it, and quilting it. I don't like the basting step!

  7. I like choosing the fabrics, doing the first few blocks and finally putting all the blocks together. I always get bored after the first few blocks unless they're all suffiently different.
    I love the colors in yours!

  8. I think my favorite part is playing with the fabric, I too hate cutting out. And I really like a finish.

  9. I enjoy all of it, well except for basting. I enjoy selecting fabrics to go together, deciding on what quilt to make next and watching it come together is ... well you know. :) My favorite part is hand quilting. I have practiced machine quilting on smaller projects and it is so much fun.

  10. I love it all! Sure beats working in ICU :0).
    Love all the time I get to spend in my sewing room no matter what the task is.
    These blocks look super fun it will be a delightful quilt.

    Happy Sewing

  11. My daughter and I call thet step 'playing the game'. We have a lot of fun laying quilts out.

  12. love it. I love the choosing of fabrics and the playing too. it feels good to "see" the quilt that you envisioned. My niece when very small used to sit on my lap and sew and help Auntie play by laying out the blocks. she loved playing in my squares box.maybe a future quilter?


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