Saturday, March 22, 2014

A quilt for EVERYthing

I haven't made a quilt for myself for a while now.
I think I have MOST of the activities of my life COVERED
as far as quilts are concerned.
There's the SLEEPING quilt, of course.

The T.V. watching quilt.

The READING quilt.

the backyard blowing bubbles,
Resting in the SUN,
picnic kind of quilt!!!!
There's also a BIG stack of quilts
that switch around
doing these different kinds of activities.
A quilt for EVERY activity.
That's MY motto.


  1. I love all your quilts, especially your sleeping quilt : )

  2. Your sleeping quilt is very sweet! Great to have so many usable quilts.:)

  3. Very pretty quilts. I also say quilts are made to use.

  4. That is a fantastic idea to have a quilt for every reason. I don't have separate tv watching and reading quilts, so I must remedy that post haste! I also have quilts that serve as table runners, wall hangings, etc. I absolutely love your bed quilt.

  5. I had not made myself a quilt in a while, so made one this winter. Just nice to have a new one for where ever, right? You have many pretty ones--great job!

  6. That's exactly right. Each quilt has a purpose.

  7. Your "sleeping quilt" is a prize-winner! Great post and thanks for the eye-candy!

  8. I seem to recall a "camping quilt", too, right?

  9. oh yes, I do love your quilts! I'm going to make a picnic quilt soon, but I'm undecided about what fabric to use. I want it to be appealing in looks, but not too precious that I won't let my family sit on it and use it on muddy grass and the like.


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