Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thrifty Pillow

One REALLY nice thing about knowing how to sew...
is that when you need a little SOMETHING new for your home....
It's only a FEW STITCHES away!!!!

Scraps and thread are ALL YOU NEED.
I used 9 foundation papers (telephone book pages)
and lots of dark scraps to surround those BRIGHT golden
POPS of color!!!
I also added some gold thread around the squares.
You know me....
A little hand stitching makes EVERYTHING better.

The stuffing in this pillow is an experiment.
I stuffed this with all the little TEENY tiny
pieces of trimmings that were in the trash next to my sewing machine!!!
You'd be AMAZED at how fast that little bucket of scraps GROWS!
I think it will WORK!
There's something you can DO with
even the SMALLEST of scraps!!!


  1. It is a very stunning pillow. Hugs

  2. Nice pillow. I recently used my scraps in a draught excluder,,, (one of those things you put along the bottom of a door to keep the draught out of the room) and it works brilliantly!!

  3. Great looking pillow! Good idea to use the little scraps.:)

  4. Your pillow is so comfy looking. Love the dark blues with the orangy centers. (Looks a little like my cobblestones for H2H.) Filling it with the tiny scraps makes it heavier - I made two giant floor pillows last year with the littlest scraps... some thread were in there too.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! So cute - and a great way to recycle - makes it extra special. Thanks for the terrific ideas!

  6. That's very smart, pretty, and thrifty!

  7. Lovely cushion - and unique. You're right too, the hand stitching makes all the difference.
    Teresa x

  8. oh my word, I LOVE this cushion! I adore that yellow outline quilting - looks like a midnight sky with suns or stars. And how clever to use all those little scraps! I do throw away some little scraps because sometimes I just feel like I'm drowning in scraps, but yes, I could use them to stuff pillow of soft toys. . . . clever, clever Beth!


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