Monday, March 31, 2014

Finding Fabric and yarn

Walking into a BRAND NEW-to me quilt shop
always feels like HOME.

Somehow my son managed to find a college,
in a VERY SMALL town,
that has a QUILT SHOP!!!
10 points!!!
I visited him this past weekend.
Enjoyed my VERY FIRST lacrosse game
(son on far right)
and enjoyed TIME with him in Iowa.

Even though it's WIDE open country....

There was FABRIC!

And yarn.

Had to pick up some yarn since....
I only took ONE sleeve from this project to work on.....
and finished it before my trip was over!
I need a little help getting all these pieces together!!!
I'm pretty PROUD of the fact that I have
the FIVE pieces ready to be put together!
This is a size 2 sweater.
I wanted to begin with something SMALL.
After working on this little sweater
I wonder how long it takes to make something
ADULT size?????
Cotton yarn crocheted into dishcloths
SAVED my sanity on the plane trip home!!!
Busy hands = Sanity
Is that a math problem you identify with???


  1. yes, a math problem that i can relate to...... but i wish the busy was a bit more focused on quilting, and patching rather than those other going to work every day..... etc......
    as your blog!!

  2. Lacrosse in Iowa seems like a funny concept. I couldn't sew on the plane on my trip home from Australia. It was too bumpy.

  3. That shop looks fantastic,,,

  4. lovely quilt shop...I look for them also when I travel. So nice that you were able to visit your son and watch him play Lacrosse.

  5. I always try to take a small knitting project for the plane though last year I brought a large child size quilt on the plane to do the hand binding. I was so fortunate to end up sitting next to a man who told me his wife was a quilter and that she would so understand that he was covered in stray threads when he got home.
    Great that you raised a son who could watch out for your interests when he chose a college. Nice that you could get out there to see him play.

  6. I was thinking about you this weekend. I know it had to be a fabulous trip. Yes, I can relate to your math problem!

  7. It sounds like a fun time: son + yarn + fabric.

  8. What a SURPRISE to see the name DORDT on the jerseys! I spent 2.5 years at Dordt; I did not know they added a lacrosse team... The wide open space makes me homesick for the plains. It is always fun for me to visit quilt shops in the Midwest, for they tend to have their own personality and taste in quilt fabrics!

  9. Wish I had known you were coming to town! I've been following your blog for a few years now and I work in the Admissions Office at Dordt. Stop in next time you're on campus :-)

    1. Oh! That would have been GREAT! Next time, for sure. :)

  10. I start to panic when I finish my project and still have more travel to do!
    It really does keep me calm, I HATE to fly so keeping my hands busy really does help.
    Even DH ask me what I have to work on before we leave the house :0).

    Love the darling little sweater, Happy Sewing


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