Monday, March 18, 2013

A gift box

I'll be piecing some half square triangles today.
These were gifted to me by Selina.
Thank you so much!
They came in a box while I was Celebrating an Anniversary!

29 years of marriage.
Here we are taking the amtrack train to....

San Diego.
We stopped by Visions  Art museum.
A place I've wanted to see for a long time.

It was hard to decided WHAT to begin sewing
after digging through Selina's GIFT box!

I almost began with this....
She even sent some more paper foundations!
And look at this!
My little house quilt is moving along!
I was thinking it needed a car or two...
and Selina READ MY MIND!!!

How perfect are these????
I'm pretty sure they're going to fit right in!!!
Aren't blogland friends the BEST??!


  1. Happy anniversary Beth. Yes, blog friends are great; buy then YOU are a good friend.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Oh, I received one of Selina's 'wonder box' - so full of sweet goodness!! Oh, those transportaion blocks will work beautifully with your little quilt, now talk about ESP!!

  3. How fun!!! The gift box AND the anniversary trip. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Train ride, that sounds like fun!

  5. What a fun gift box! Hope your trip to SD was fun (how could it not be!)

  6. Happy Anniversary! what a fun box to go through

  7. Happy Anniversary, and that's a precious little house quilt.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Love the box of fun you received. Gotta love Bloggy friends.

  9. What fun to get a box of fabric. Your little house quilt is just lovely ! Karin

  10. Happy Anniversary! 20 plus years is hard to come by anymore?

  11. Happy Anniversary! Little house quilt looks lovely. The little vehicles will make great additions.

  12. Blog land friends are great! I love your house quilt! Congrats on 29 years married. We've got a 33rd coming up, so hard to believe,!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I love your little house quilt! :0)

  14. Happy anniversary to you two!
    We've been thinking about that an Amtrak trip, the southern one though. How much fun to find a box full of patches when you got home!

  15. Happy anniversary, Beth, that is one terriffic gift!


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