Saturday, March 23, 2013


My husband bought me an anniversary gift this year.
I had told him recently
my goal for the year is
NOT spending anything on fabric/yarn this year.
And so far,
I've been true to my word.
He said, that if HE bought it....
That would be O.K.
So HE bought it.
Really nice yarn.
Fun yarn.
Yarn that I picked out!!!
I didn't like the scarf.
The scarf was just TOO stiff.
I think that's called the drape...???

I did some UN-WEAVING
Let me tell you.....
UNweaving takes a LONG time!!!
Thankfully it was Thursday morning
(my sewing group day)
and I had friends to talk to as I worked!!!!

I warped the loom up AGAIN
with something thinner
(cotton crotchet thread)
and I used EVERY other slot in the reed.
(not sure if that's a good idea....
but i did it!)

MUCH better.
I don't have much longer to use a WARM scarf
as the weather warms up!!!
Ah well...
There's always next year!


  1. Nice Beth. Glad you could un-weave and fix it.

  2. Can't wait to see it in person-- the picture you took while it was still on the loom is great!! I love that you can see more of the texture.

  3. Oh you are a patient woman, but te scarf looks very pretty - and soft!

  4. Is there really no end to your talents, Beth? Lovely work, as always :)

  5. I can't imagine un-weaving! It's a good thing for the company of friends! The scarf looks beautiful. Our husbands can be so sweet sometimes.

  6. Unweaving????? Oh dear...that sounds like a nightmare. I love the colors so I hope it works out for you.

  7. Now you are ahead of the game! Patience, you've got a bunch of that.

  8. Beth, does your loom come with all these cool ideas or do you come up with them yourself?


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