Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm piecing memories together today.
Memories of a happy childhood.
ONE t-shirt at a time.

I'm using pellon fusible interfacing.
cutting each piece 15" wide.

Then cutting it lengthwise to fit EACH t-shirt block.
The t-shirts were cut 15" wide as well.
All I have to do is trim the bottom off.
The t-shirts are ALL the same width....
not the same height!

Using my fancy-schmancy pressing cloth

A few squirts of water.

I press the interfacing to each block.
Pretty soon,
I'll have them READY to go
and I can begin SEWING!!!
I'm also making HISTORY today....
By Mopping the floor.
In my defense....

It's a BIG floor.

I'm also enjoying some warm weather.
The doors are open as the floor dries.
I'm cutting and pressing t-shirts.

It's a GOOD day.


  1. Your floor is gorgeous, go sew. I love t-shirt quilts. Such great memories.

  2. Mopping is SO disruptive......when quilting.....

  3. Ha!!! I've got three little ones for a few days and have mopped my floor too often for my liking. Why does housekeeping get in the way of sew much fun???

  4. Man, I'll say it's a good day---could use some of ALL of that at my house. :)

  5. I do not like to mop but a girl has to do what a girl has to do..( I put it off as long as I can and so often my DH decides to do it for me!.How great is that!) Love your blocks. I think it will look great without them all being the same size...keeps it interesting. I use the same interfacing and it works great. Please post a picture of the finished quilt.
    hugs from south Louisiana


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