Monday, January 14, 2013

Number 5

I was able to get the 5th
orphan block quilt top together!!!
This one has the feel of SPRING!!!

I have really enjoyed finding blocks that
kind of  GO TOGETHER!
Using these donated ORPHAN blocks!
There are some oddballs in the group....
but doesn't that make life a quilt interesting????

Thanks to YOU!!!!
We now have FIVE beautiful,
unique, full of LOVE QUILTS!!!
I hope to quilt them soon
and get them sent off
to the quilt drive for SANDY victims!!!
Thank YOU for being so generous!!!


  1. Thank you, Beth, for the time and effort you put into putting all those quilts together; you are amazing. Thanks too for the always fun Neighborhood house project.

  2. Thank you for hosting the neighborhood blocks again and for all the time you spend on putting these quilts together.

  3. They all look wonderful! You curated the blocks beautifully. Thanks for doing this for the Sandy victims. I know they'll feel our love.

  4. Wonderful quilts Beth. Anyone would be thrilled to receive one!

  5. Great! You did such a nice job of getting them arranged beautifully. Funny had odds and ends can work together, isn't it? I hope to do something fun with my house blocks soon. thanks again for sharing.

  6. They look wonderful Beth , great job of combining these orphan blocks into wonderful quilts!!

  7. I love your lawn! Mine is not nearly as colorful. Thanks for doing this Beth. You are amazing!

  8. back at you, Beth. It's way easier to put a block or two in the mail than to puzzle them together and quilt them. thanks for doing this!

  9. They look so wonderful. 5 is an impressive amount!

  10. What Brenda said--it's very fun to see what you did (so nicely) with them!! Thankyou.

  11. You have done a fabulous job and the quilts are marvelous.

  12. These look great! You are very talented in putting houses and orphans together so that they coordinate.

  13. How great! You're doing a fabulous job!


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