Friday, January 18, 2013

Ring quilt

You can tell by now.
I'm stuck.
Totally stuck on this pattern.
I'm exploring ALL the possibilities!
See what ONE old quilt
can do???
Powerful.....let me tell you!
I'm going to call this version
my RING quilt.

I like this even better on point!
I bet there's a pattern for this one!
I didn't find it.
You know me....
have to re-invent the Wheel...every. time.

I used 3 1/2" squares and half square triangles.
For each "color ring"
I cut:
four 3 1/2" squares of a print
Two 4" squares of print
one 3 1/2" square white

Using my design floor
I laid out only the 3 1/2" square pieces.
This took a little concentration.
from design floor
to sewing machine in the other room
memorizing the two colors
 needed in the half square triangle blocks!
See how they're ALL different???
When I was done....
I was tired from walking back and forth
and my mind was SWIRLING!!!
In a perfect world...
My machine would be RIGHT next to the design wall!
Not TWO rooms away!!!
After getting them all lined up
I pieced them in rows....
and that's where I had to stop.
They're going to have to wait to GROW longer!
I have a SUPER busy weekend ahead.
I just needed to get them OFF
the design floor...IN ORDER...
before Miss Granddaughter comes to play today!
I'm happy to get that quilt idea OUT of my brain
even if it's NOT going to get finished
right away!!!


  1. Very cool! And I can imagine the concentration it make have taken to keep it all straight from 2 rooms away!

  2. Good morning, Beth. I really like this layout. The quilt will be very pretty when you finish it.

  3. Who needs patterns! You've done a beautiful job of problem solving. I love them on-point, looks like chain links.

  4. I would play with a half hex ruler to get the outside shapes, with the squares down the middle....I have the same issue, no design wall, and really not much floor space either - really bad when I made a gigantic oversized King quilt for my son....will never do that again....

  5. This is looking great and I like that name , it is perfect for these blocks.

  6. Looking good, Beth! You know, with all of those multi-colored rings, you could call this your Lifesavers quilt!

  7. Sounds like you got quite a workout. Two birds with one stone - a flowery happy quilt and excersise:)

  8. I love this pattern - and look at you doing 'cardio-quilting' - good job!! Way to multitask! Have a wonderful weekend.....

  9. It is fabulous! And very amazing what an old quilt can do. I might have to add this to my bucket list.

  10. I knew you wouldn't let this quilt just rest! Looking good!!

  11. There is just no end to your creativity and problem solving! I'd have been on brain drain trying to remember the color pattern two rooms away. Good for you!

  12. I did that pattern for my sons wedding quilt just last fall. I used basically the shoo fly directions with the color layout like yours to look like a ring. Mine finished at 12 inch blocks. I still love it.

  13. This is indeed a great design. I remember seeing it in just two fabrics in an old issue of Quilt magazine. I mean old - like early '80s. This is harder to sew, but so worth it!

  14. What a great pattern and beautiful quilt!!!

  15. Looks like a wonderful ongoing project. No need to finish soon...regular exercise is so good for you! Enjoy every ring!

  16. Oh that looks just wonderful!! I might have to try this variation too.

  17. I wonder if I have the concentration to start this?? I just love it, and you are is even better on point.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  18. Just catching up here, Beth. I love the ring design. That is a great pattern.

    Your orphan block quilts have turned out beautifully.

    Enjoy your visit with your little one.

  19. I love it and I love that you share your 'creations' with us. Love the tutorial dimensions. :)


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