Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slow going

I am a pretty QUICK quilter...
but some things Just take TIME!!!
This quilt is ONE of them!!!
It's teaching me patience.
I surely need more of that!

These are my tools.
My Mission:
Get this one done for my daughter
before she gets married on
MAY 5!!!
I've committed my Thursday mornings to the task.
No MATTER WHAT I feel like doing!!!
Will it get done??
Inquiring minds would like to know... friends....
would I!!!!
I began this quilt way back HERE!!!
I am appliqueing each finished circle
onto a BIG (bed sized) piece of muslin.
I baste them on...
then I applique them on.
I am NOT following the directions.
Do I EVER????
That would be too EASY!


  1. Oooo it's going to be worth all the effort, time, and patience. How pretty!

  2. Well, if it were anyone but you who asked this question I would hesitate as to it being completed by May---BUT seeing as it is YOU who is doing this---the answer is YES you will githerdun :D

  3. That is going to be an awesome quilt!!! Gorgeous work!

  4. Your quilt is absolutely stunnning!!! Keep plugging away!!

  5. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Hugs

  6. That is a beautiful quilt and I can see why it has taken you so long, I think I might have quit by now, lol.
    I have a may deadline too, but for a baby quilt, just need to decided on a design.


  7. Oh my goodness, I started that quilt along too! AND I just pulled it out again last weekend. I have 24 blocks done and just started putting them together. I'm hoping it will be big enough to call it finished. ove your fabrics.

  8. omg this is wonderful beautiful. What a heirloom! And a wedding this year! sweet! The quilt will be treasured and passed down thru generations!!!

  9. It is gorgeous Beth. Your daughter will love it (however if she is not keen, I will look after it for her - lol). I am sure you will get it done. You are a woman on a mission and May is 3 whole months away.

  10. I have every bit of faith in you Beth. It will be done.

  11. I have all the confidence in the world in you! Wish I could lend you a hand (if you wanted it), but sending you moral support.

  12. I know'll make it and she will love it.

  13. Beautiful colors! Love this quilt. Good luck on making your deadline.:)

  14. If anyone could do it it would be you! Good luck finishing on time and hopefully you will enjoy the process as well!

  15. its sooo pretty you will get it done
    I started one of these quilts a while back , hmmmm wonder where it is!

  16. It will be worth all the work and focus... very striking!

  17. I know I'd never be able to finish anything in just one morning a week, but you are alot faster at this than I am. Love the prints you are using! It's an ambitious quilt, it'll be worthy of a wedding gift.

  18. I'm sure you can do it. It will be gorgeous.

  19. Good luck! It is so beautiful! What a fabulous wedding gift!

  20. push on through the rules and get it done! I'm glad to know there are other rule breakers out there! It is a beautiful quilt! Your daughter is sure to be blessed for a long time no matter when it gets finished!


  21. It's a gorgeous quilt, Beth! And I have no doubt that you'll make that deadline!

  22. Sometimes when a project involves slower piecing methods it is well worth it in the end. Your quilt is going to be stunning and vibrant. Perfect for a young couple.

  23. Really nice! I actually LUV everything you make!


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