Friday, December 28, 2012

House update

Houses have been arriving at my house.
Neighborhood houses
that say WELCOME!!!

I love this blogland neighborhood!
A very friendly and encouraging
place to "live"!
Tuesday is the BIG day!
I'll spread ALL the houses out..
take a quick picture...
and then...
I'll divide them into little neighborhoods
and choose some winners!!!
The winners will recieve a set of houses
to make a quilt with!!!

You've also been sending little orphans

The orphans are finding HOMES!!!
I love this BRIGHT quilt!
Thank you for coming to the party
for being so generous with your orphan blocks.
We're up to THREE charity quilts
and enough to make one or two more!
Woo hoo!!!


  1. Love that quilt. It takes some talent to make orphans look good together. Nice job.

  2. Love the splashes of yellow in the orphan quilt, it makes the whole top sing!

  3. Loving the neighborhood houses....
    You are making some gorgeous quilts from the orphans too Beth..

  4. I hate the block I made, and ran out of time to make another, so I just put it in the mail yesterday as is. Oh well. It is fun to see all the beauties that everyone else is making!

  5. They look gorgeous. I am putting mine in the mail today - sorry about the last minute, but it should arrive by Monday.

  6. I see one of my blocks there. Glad it got a home. Turned out great!

  7. I'm amazed! Look how good this quilt looks!
    Now see what can happen when a creative quilter like you sees the
    positive in the leftovers.......this quilt looks fantastic!
    Nicely done Beth :0)...I'll be watching for the drawing.

    Happy Sewing

  8. I like what you're doing with all those orphan blocks. I sent a couple more your way along with my houses -- mailed them from North Dakota on Wednesday,hope they get there soon!


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