Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good as Gold

I bought this GOLD thread a couple of years ago.
Every once in a while...
It's the PERFECT touch!
Such a simple little thing...
can add SOoooo much!

I had a small piece of that vintage
Poinsettia fabric.
Isn't it pretty?
The selvage reads....
Copyright Indian Head Mills.

I pieced it simply...
and added the GOLD thread
with a lightweight flannel backing.

I LOVE the way it shows up on the green border
and matches the gold stripes in the other fabric!!!

I love the simplicity of this project.
I love the way something VINTAGE
can become something MODERN!!!


  1. This would've come in really handy today. I made a table runner using a City Girl Holiday charm pack, and it has gold all through it. I love your table runner :)

  2. So simple yet so perfect. Great job.

  3. Ahh, so nice, every bit of it!

  4. I think we live in an era and time where people are making an effort to appreciate vintage, upcycling, and repurposing etc. Where I look at your holiday runner and see something WONDerful, my mom's generation struggles a bit I think.:)

  5. I really like how the gold turned out. I usually try to match the colors but I like yours better this way.

  6. That fabric is vintage? That gives me an odd feeling. But I guess I am vintage, also. We have a small square table cloth made out of that fabric. I think my MIL made it for us when we were newlyweds. For years we used it as our tree skirt. Now it is sitting on top of a dresser in my sewing room, protecting the dresser from the TV I have on top. Anyway, I like your table runner, even though it used "modern" fabric, claiming to be vintage. Haha!

    1. P.S. We got married in 1975. See? Just a couple years ago!

  7. It really is a nice contrast against the dark.

  8. It really sets it off - just lovely. It is simple and stunning - nicely done!!!


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