Saturday, December 15, 2012

Log Cabin Holiday Style!

I was sent an ebook to review this week.
It inspired me to
pull out my Christmas fabric
for the FIRST time this year!!!
I can't believe I waited this long
to get the Christmas fabric out!!!
Maybe it's because the box of Christmas fabric
lives in my ATTIC!!!
Not the easiest Go to place, huh?
The little book is ALL about LOG CABIN quilts.
It includes some fun OLD quilts
that I like looking at
even MORE than the new ones!!!
Directions are very easy to follow
Pictures are well done.
I think it's a great BASIC book
that you can refer to again and again.
This FREE little Ebook is available
Let me know what YOU think.
My pillow above uses 1 1/2" strips
in a Half log cabin style.
It took FOUR half log cabins to make the center
and the border is 3" wide all around.
I had fun quilting loop-de-loops
in all the white areas!


  1. What a fun cheerful pillow! Maybe I should find time to do one also. Now to check out the ebook. Cheers! Toni

  2. Cute cushion ... wish there were more days before Christmas - I need 4 new cushions for my living room and this design is soooooo brill :)

  3. I just put my seasonal fabric away - have been playing with it since July - so over it. Cute pillow to use any fabric with.

  4. Oh my cute!!! Oy....may have to add this to my to-be-finished Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing - and thanks for the link! Peace....

  5. I love your pillow! I am inspired to make something like this, too!

  6. Great log cabin Mod, but harks back to traditional!

  7. Love that version! and the colors are my fav.
    Oh, another UFO yet to start. So many quilts, so little time!


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