Monday, December 31, 2012

Berry making 101

I'm adding berries to my vine today.

Kind of nice!!!

To make my berries....
I began with a little square.
Just UNDER 2".

I trimmed the corners.
I do not try making a PERFECT circle.
It works....believe me.
I begin with a square
because it's easier to get ALL the berries
the same size when I begin
with squares that are the same size.

to me....
It's easier than trying to
cut circles the same size.
I could draw cirlces on the fabric...
but THAT would take too long!!!

I sew a big running stitch around the outside...

All the way around.

Pull that string and gather the edges together.

A pretty little berry!

Applique them down.

Enjoy the red and green goodness!!


  1. You ARE a clever lady! Looking forward to seeing the finished product, Beth :)

  2. i keep telling're the best!!!
    looking so forward to seeing what you create next year!!!!
    see you next year..
    Happy New Year Beth!!!

  3. I love the imperfection of the berries....very Gweny :0) don't you think? Lovely design.

    Happy Sewing and have a blessed 2013

  4. Thanks for this tutorial- I always wondered how it was done! When you applique the berries do you use interfacing as well? Your work is truly gorgeous!

  5. I don't use interfacing. I just pin them on and blindstitch around. Good luck with YOUR berries!

  6. So that's how you do it...very cute!

  7. Heel veel GELUK in 2013 from the Netherlands!!

  8. what a wonderful idea!! thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and may your new year be filled with friends, loved ones and joy!


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