Monday, December 3, 2012

Calling ALL orphans!

I'm collecting.
Trying to get a BUNCH of orphans together.
Orphans need a home.
My sewing machine and I
are going to be giving them a HOME!
The above orphans
were included in our Neighborhood party envelopes.
Thank you Carol and Barb!
If you have some orphans
that have been quilt-less TOO long...
Send them along.
With a house block...
They won't mind.
I'm requesting 12 1/2" square orphans...
but I will NOT discriminate!!!
I will LOVE them ALL into quilts!
If quilts for Sandy victims are still needed
when these become quilts....
THAT will be their destination!
There's ALWAYS a need for a QUILT..
Somewhere in the world!
*leave a comment or email me
IF you need my address.


  1. You're so awesome Beth! If I still lived in So Cal, we could have so much fun together! I still have to make my house block, but I do know of some orphans to send along with it...Thanks for all you do!

  2. Please send me your address again Beth--I just found 5 orphans this weekend!

  3. I have orphans..... lots of orphans that I can send your way.

  4. Email me your address. I know I have orphans around here somewhere!

  5. I have some house blocks and orphan blocks that will soon be on their way to you. Thanks so much for organizing this campaign!

  6. pleased you are receiving lots of ORPHANS....

  7. I'll be cleaning out my sewing room next year. I'm bound to find 1 or 2 orphans I will send them your way if you still want them in ...March?


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