Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts on Labels

Another quilt is quilted.
This one was a biggy!!!
Please remind me to say "NO" when asked to make
a queen sized monster....o.k.???

I wanted to get this labeled and OFF quickly...
but found out this past week
that my handy dandy label pens are not holding up!!!

When I spied this quilt last week I noticed
the print on the label I had written had all WASHED away!!

I did a little research thinking maybe I'd buy some
pre-printed labels for future quilts.
They are almost $1 a piece.
(maybe YOU know a good source???)

I began to brainstorm!

I have a quilting/darning foot....

and I have DARK thread!!!

I made one myself.
It's my first don't be too hard on me.....;)

I figure my stitching will probably last longer than
the pens I had been using!!!!

And my Dad who's getting this one...
won't care that my penmanship is not
TOP notch! ;)

I used freezer paper on the back and peeled it off.
DON'T do that.
In the future I will use an interfacing.

After attaching this label...
We're going to eat!!!

One of my favorite simple recipes....
Cheeseburger pie!!!

I split the meat in half ....
Double the recipe....
and sneak in some zucchini!!!
I'm always trying to find places to put THAT!!!

The quilt is quilted and bound.
The label is DONE.
And dinner AWAITS!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, and I love your label!! We print our labels on fabric using an ink jet printer, and they hold up well. If you have a color printer, you can even make them in color!

  2. your pen-woman-ship is perfect!!

    i tried a pen for the very first quilt i made, and didn't like how the ink ran (maybe i was doing something wrong)

    then i had a label made......$$$$

    finally i discovered "Painted Treasures" by milliken sheets. 5 sheets 8.5x11..... you print whatever you want on the sheets - with your usual printer.....let it dry, wash/rinse dry flat..... iron, cut into size you want, and sew onto the quilt backing. i print the entire sheet with the same business card size label....(surely i can make 10 quilts in one year)

    i haven't heard one quilt owner say the labels are fading.....

    that's my story ....... must find more...only have 1 sheet left... xo ....eva

  3. PS: i LOVE the stitched's really very lovely.....!!!

  4. I love your homemade label. I want to try it! I buy printed labels with my name on it because the ones made on an ink jet printer fade.

  5. I think your first try on the label is awesome! I have wondered how my inked labels are holding up. Now you are making me re-think them. I'll have to try the free motion penmanship. I'm curious though, why did you not like the freezer paper to stabilize?

  6. Your label is great. I actually had some made that have my name; but, for fancier quilts I use Printed Treasures. I used to hand embroider them. Not happening these days.

  7. I love the tone on tone of that quilt. The change in scale from small to large and back again is very effective. And I love the adlib label. Very good idea! I really don't like making labels but I think that I might manage that kind of treatment. thanks, Claire W.

  8. I really love this quilt! I do labels to fit the quilt, so they never are the same in looks or how I do them - so I'm really no help am I.

  9. I love your big blue star quilt!! And as far as I'm concerned your label is brilliant!! I'm not sure anyone could make out the letters if I tried a label like that. I'll have a go though.

  10. this quilt is beautiful. i have had it open on my desktop and marked in my inspiration folder since you posted it last time. i love it. the label is a great idea!!!

  11. Beautiful quilt...I am going to try making a label like that for my next quilt!
    as always, I am impressed with how much you get done....I need to turn off the TV and leave the computer more often....

  12. Verry nice quilt for Dad! Your label is sharp looking, too, stitching is a good call. Scoot over at the dinner table, that sounds YUM!

  13. I think it is a great idea. Rather than interfacing you might try just super starching (or spray sizing) the fabric first. It becomes very stiff and you don't need the interfacing. I got this hint from fellow blogger/quilter, Cherry.

  14. I think you did a wonderful job! I have printed out words and followed the lines for quilting before... it's less personalized that way. I like your way better!

  15. Gorgeous quilt! Thank you for sharing about labels - as a relatively new quilter I'm never sure what method to use that will work. Great job with your first try and machine embroidery for a label. PUtting that idea in my vault for future use. Cheeseburger Pie - with zucchini added? It's 5:45am and you just made me hungry. :)


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