Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Neighbors

I had quite a few 2 1/2" strips leftover from a project.
Quite a few....but...not enough.

I did what many quilters do.

The cream panel was added
with a vine, a few leaves..
and some fun circles found in a small batik scrap at my house!!!

It all came together!!!
I MAY add a border.
I'm going to look at it and dream a little bit more first.

I will go back and zigzag OR blanket stitch around the applique.
Ironing applique on is SO easy!
I should do it more often!
(The product I used is called steam a seam.)

This quilt is a gift...
Like so many of my quilts are.

They're ALL special...
but this one is EXTRA special.

It will be given to my neighbors who are moving away soon.
They have been the BEST neighbors and I'll miss them.

Quilting gives me a place to grieve.
A place to be sad.
The stitches are a bit of healing for me.


  1. Beth, that quilt is beautiful and the applique panel was meant to be. It is lovely.
    I like you phrase "Quilting gives me a place to grieve.
    A place to be sad.
    The stitches are a bit of healing for me."
    That is so true.
    Thank you

  2. Those circles look like snails climbing the stem.:0)

    I'm sure they are going to miss you too, some of my dearest friends are past neighbors. You'll keep in touch with them, they'll want to know how the kids are doing :0).
    Big Hugs, wish I was moving in to their house I'd love to be your neighbor.

    Happy sewing

  3. What a great quilt... love your solution to not having quite enough strips! Perfect!

  4. Wow....lucky that you didn't have enough fabric because that "Make do" is what really sets the quilt off! Lovely work and your friends will love it........

  5. Love your quilt, Beth. When I first saw it, I though the quilt was made with a pattern.
    Your card arrived today. The one with a picture of the three Quilts of Valor made with stars. They are stunning! You did so good. I you decide to do that again in the future, please let me know.

  6. What a beautiful quilt! If you hadn't mentioned that it was a creative solution to not having enough strips, I would have thought you'd designed the quilt to show case the applique piece. Your neighbours are going to love and cherish it, I'm sure.

  7. Honestly I've never seen anyone complete as many quilts and projects as you, and so creatively. It's good that you ran out of blocks because it made the quilt even more special! A lovely gift that I'm sure your neighbor will cherish and remember you every time they use it?

  8. That's beautiful! I love how much the appliqued panel adds to it.

  9. I agree, it looks like it should have come from a written pattern! It's beautiful the way it is... I think adding a border might distract from the applique area. Good neighbors are treasures of life and this gift to them will always be their reminder!

    1. Anyone know how to change the name on a Google account? I've tried but it keeps coming up with my husband's name! (He didn't write the comments above)!!

  10. love it beth. another gem from you.

  11. i keep telling you, you amaze me!!
    how very lovely!!

  12. You come up with such wonderful ideas, This is really beautiful!! Quilts make such wonderful gifts!

  13. Another beautiful quilt! And your solution to 'not enough' is really inspired! I agree with everyone - it really "makes" the quilt. You're so smart! ;) I know your friends will cherish this.

  14. Oh, yes! Sewing is good therapy. Sorry about your neighbors, but they will have fond memories and a reminder of you... a very pretty quilt!

  15. This quilt is just simply gorgeous. It's always hard to lose a great neighbor.

  16. For the first 31 years of my life, I moved around a lot. 39 times, to be exact. I was always the person moving away. I've been in my current home for 8.5 years now, and in this area for 9 years, and I have finally experienced what it is like to be on the other side of the moving away, the one left behind. My immediate neighbor moved several years ago, and I was heartbroken. Then another close friend moved, and I see her once or twice a year on my work travels, but I miss having her a short ride away. All this to say, I understand your grieving. What a wonderful keepsake that quilt will be for them.


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