Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quilting with Tears

I just finished making these two quilts.
Quilts for my cousin's children.
She passed away right before Mother's day this year.

It was a long illness and her family was put through the ringer!!!

Her t-shirts and nightgowns went into these with some of my tears.
Tears for a life cut short.
Tears for her two children.
Tears for her husband.

They're simple quilts.
Hopefully they'll give some comfort.
I'm thankful that she had trust in God.
Only HE can really comfort us.
I told her I'd see her "tomorrow" in heaven.
Time I know it'll be soon!
It's such a blessing to have HOPE!

Quilts were made by cutting 4" strips of clothing
and sewing them together in rows.
I used basting spray on fleece....NO batting.
I quilted wavy lines along the seams.....
Then added a binding.


  1. Have shared a 'tear' quilt myself, so very endeared with this post.

  2. What a lovely tribute for you cousin and I'm sure her children will forever treasure the quilt and your love that went into it.

  3. What.a worderfuø gift to her children - and to yourself!

  4. Hugs to you and to those around you. These quilts will be such a comfort. Using fleece is a lovely idea as it's so soft and cuddly.

  5. Have made a couple of these myself. I know they will give great comfort to her children. A wonderful gift from the heart.

  6. What a wonderful gift for her family!

  7. That is a lovely gift from you to your cousins children. Sad job for you, but what a comfort to them. Well done beth.

  8. So wonderful that you did this for your cousins family. I'm sure they will provide some comfort to them. Bless your heart.

  9. Beautiful quilts, Beth, made more so by the love put into making them.....

  10. Memories preserved give us connection in times of loss. My heart goes out to you and your cousins family.

  11. Those quilts are the most rewarding to make. Yes, the time will be here before we know it. They will certainly feel comfort from your work.

  12. You have such a beautiful heart and soul. The quilts will cuddle the children up snug and warm close to their momma. Life is just too sad, sometimes.

  13. Beautiful quilts Beth! So sorry for your loss.

  14. Such a beautiful thing for you to do. I know she is watching you from and heaven and is happy to see you do this sweet thing for her family.
    Prayers sent to you from me!


  15. Aww, Beth, such sadness, but joy also knowing you will see her again someday with perfect bodies, no more pain and suffering. xo

  16. Lovely quilts. Prayers and hugs for you and your family!

  17. what a lovely gift of yourself and talent! I know they will comfort them for years.

  18. What a beautiful and touching gift. I can't think of anything that could be more comforting to those children.

  19. I'm sure the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness for a very long time.

  20. Beth,
    That's a wonderful thing to do for your loved ones. Those quilts are going to bring so much comfort to the family.

  21. The quilts may be simple, but I'm sure that making them wasn't easy. What a precious gift you have made for them.


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