Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Quilt!

When someone offers you scraps.....
TAKE them!!!

This quilt was FREE
it was easy!

A little bag of scraps.
A free afternoon.
For me.... the means.....
FREE entertainment!!!

Here it is BEFORE the border.
Doesn't that bright border fabric make a difference??

There were even a couple of CUTE Prints!!!
Big trucks!
What every little boy dreams about!!!

This is the book that inspires me
EVERY time I open it.

String quilts could keep me busy FOR----EVER!!!
There are SO many possibilities!!!

I'm hoping to quilt this one up in the next week
and donate it to my local quilt guild!
They do a GREAT job of supporting LOCAL agencies...
providing quilts to needy organizations!

What are you donating this week??
There is a linky party here if you'd like to share!
There are so many needs....
Let's CHEER each other on!!!


  1. It's beautiful, Beth - and so smart of you to sew those scraps up instead of sorting them into the scrap bins!!

  2. This is a great quilt, Beth! You are so creative. I have seen this book at JoAnns.
    Great border, too. Some little boy is going to love this quilt!

  3. It's wonderful. I love Gwen Marsdon. I may have to add that book to my collection.

  4. I have that same book and LOVE it. Your quilt looks beautiful and such a great donation quilt.

  5. What a fun boys quilt. I love that book too, I agree inspiration flows out every time you flip through the pages.

  6. what a great quilt and yes I love playing with others scraps too! I love making donation quilts and have a few to donate soon as well.
    I should take out that book again and look thru it...

  7. I love the quilt and the border. I'm awed by your speed. It would take me weeks to do that!

  8. the border makes all the difference with this one!

  9. I am an absolute scrap hound and this is why. You can make such great quilts with the fabric others were throwing away.
    It is a lovely quilt & the border is perfect.
    I am sure that the recipient will cherish your gift.
    London, UK

  10. And what a lovely scrappy job you have done! I agree, the border made a lot of difference.

  11. Perfect use of those strips. And again, the green was just the trick.


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