Saturday, March 3, 2012


Just for the record.
I TOTALLY love baby quilts.
I love the colors.
I love the simplicity.
I love the size!!! :0

I even love using up bits and pieces.

Old bits and pieces.
Since the scraps were different in size..
that meant that...
 the little squares in the centers were different in size!
I had to keep my brain cells moving...
figuring out what size pieces I needed to get to a 10" square.
PLUS.... I wanted the center squares to move around some.
It slowed me down a bit.
That's alright.
My brain cells need a little activity once in a while. ;)

This little quilt is a collection piece.
A collection of this and that.
Old and new.
Stripes and dots.
Flowers and FUN!!!!

Collection quilts have a drawback.
Putting everything away after you've been
DIGGING around!!!


  1. Oh, I love pink and green, and your lovely new quilt top!!

  2. Wow, these are just beautiful! Love it!

  3. What a great quilt from a little of this and stone soup huh? Oh yes the cleaning up after digging out is a bother! Would it be divine to have a maid do this for us?

    (I may have been watching too much Downton Abbey)

    Happy Sewing

  4. I also love baby quilts and babies, and your quilt.

  5. I could handle a drawback like that if the results turned out so well.

  6. Cuteness x 10! Baby quilts are the best!

  7. It's beautiful, Beth! Love your "collection" quilt!!

  8. A small price to pay for such a cute little quilt

  9. Isn't it amazing what the bits and pieces can grow into. It's a great baby quilt. Great job.

  10. Collection quilts are my favorite and I love baby quilts too. Yours is sweet!It's like instant gratification or at least faster than the bigger quilts

  11. Hi Beth, I love the fabrics from those old abandoned sewing projects. One finds the best prints in those pieces. I also love the way the centers move around you little quilt. It's another very pretty project.

  12. I am working on a similar pattern but not as prolifically as you!!! Maybe this will encourage me to get mine back on the cutting board...yours is lovely!!

  13. Super cute!! Wishing I could find all the time you do for so many projects... *someday*


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