Thursday, March 1, 2012

Table Mats

These orphan blocks are now going to be USEFUL blocks.
They will get a workout twice a month
at the senior lunch I serve.
they're going to have to take turns.
I have another set of table  mats I use as well.
I DREAM I'll get a nice collection of these going
with different colors and themes...
but SO FAR this is only my SECOND set.

I had fun dressing up this very basic block with stitching!
Aren't they pretty?
And that old print in there.....I just LOVE old fabric!!!
Don't you?

Quilting these little blocks
was therapy.

I'm happy to be getting these OLD blocks
out into the sunshine!
They've been folded and stored away TOO LONG!!!


  1. What size are these; they are super cute.

  2. Marilyn: They are about 16" square.

  3. These are wonderful - just so pretty and I'm betting the seniors will be delighted with the extra touch you provided! I can already see the ladies discussing the fabrics and telling stories of their own sewinf adventures. I love visiting with older folks! They just have such fabulous stories to share! Looking forward to seeing more of these! :)

  4. You really updated the look of these blocks by adding the borders. I love them. That blue color is perfect!

  5. I think it's nice yo have one set let alone two. They are pretty too!

  6. This will make any get together more lovely.

    Happy sewing

  7. Hi Beth
    They are lovely. The 'old' fabrics really spark with that blue. I am sure the 'oldies' you do lunch for will thing they are geat. I you keep going like this, you could have a rainbow.

  8. they are beautiful! I love the vibrant blues.

  9. That is a great way to use those leftover blocks. Yours came out so pretty and I love the colors!

  10. Great way to use fabric up---wonderful quilting

  11. The quilting is so nice!

    I have recently rediscovered some of the past purchases I made at auctions of vintage fabric. Can't wait to use some of it.

  12. How cool is that? I just got into an "Orphan" block swap and now I know what I will do with them. Great idea!

  13. These are so pretty, Beth, and I love your quilting on them!! Whoop whoop!!

  14. i love that you are finishing "old" blocks and making them into something so pretty and useful! yay for finishes! :) i love having a collection of table mats, too. they are so practical!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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