Thursday, March 15, 2012

One year ago

Just over one year ago I made a quilt top.
I was stuck on the Disappearing 4 patch pattern.
Totally stuck!
I made 2 quilt tops using flannel and blogged about them here.
I even got them quilted up....ready to go....
and there they sat.

Until today.
Today I said goodbye to this quilt.
I was Soooo happy to have it on hand.
I needed a baby quilt for someone special.
Woo Hoo!
All I had to do was get the quilt tag on.
(Why do I always drag my feet about that????)

Having this one READY to give was a GREAT feeling!!!
It makes me want to have a BIG stack of quilts
just WAITING for the next baby or special event!!!.
Don't we ALL want BIG stacks of quilts???
Some would say I DO have a big stack...
but........It's NOT quite big ENOUGH!!!


  1. What a darling quilt... and those lovely fabrics are flannel! Very cool...

    ...and YES, I do want a big stack o' quilts!!!


  2. Sweet quilt. I haven't made a D9P but I think it's a great pattern.
    I would like to have some things made up in advance. But it's not easy, is it?

  3. A D4P? Hmm....I don't think I have noticed that before. Great job on it.

  4. Fun quilt with nice colors. I like your Wonky D4P, maybe I will try that. I have a nice stack of flimsies, wish I would wake up some morning with them all done.

  5. That is such a cute one, too. I am sure it will be well loved. I seem to have a big stack of WIP/UFO's but not so much a big stack of finished/ready to give. :/ lol

  6. Chloe was so cute, she carried it in to the house today when we brought it there. On her way up to the door she hugged the quilt and then said, "You'll be nice and snuggly to baby Ruby and cuddle her lots, okay?" to the quilt. I thought it was sweet!

  7. Love the D4P and D9P pattern - I've made it in batik & floral & camo (from cut-up fatigues) & Christmas & Halloween fabrics. It's such a versatile pattern. Loved your quilt - you can't go wrong with purple and lime green!

  8. We all need to do this. It would be a great way to use up some stash.


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