Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I received some OLD quilt pieces today.
Most of the blocks were already joined in rows.

WHy...oh why....did this quilt maker STOP???
(Maybe because she was HANDPIECING!!!) :0

I came home and went to work.
It didn't take TOO long to piece it all together.
Looks like I need to go back and fix that bottom left block.

Touching an old quilt, is to ME, like touching HISTORY.
Maybe people interested in old books feel that way too.
Those who collect coins....etc...

After getting it all together...
 I washed it GENTLY...
and laid it out in the sun to dry!

What a treasure!!!
I just LOVE touching history!

I linked this post over at a Elizabeth's today! ;)
She likes Vintage quilts!
Who doesn't??


  1. Yes, it is so wonderful. I make up stories about them. It deserves to be finished.

  2. Hor lovely! I like that you have kept the maverick block made by the original quilter!

  3. I love this Jacob's Ladder, nothing like an old quilt. They feel like velvet.

  4. Oh, I love vintage quilts too! And you are right--who doesn't? I have some to share over on my blog also. Think I will snap to and do some posting. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks very modern, doesn't it, with the pink and gray solids : ) Thank you for linking up to Vintage Quilt Thursday. I am glad that you joined the party!

  6. Last year I bought a quily top that is about 100 years old and in wonderful condition. I wanted it because I was certain the blue fabrics were similar to a little girl's dress that had been in my great-aunt's trunk. Her daughter died on her fourth birthday and my guess is the dress was to have been a gift since it looks like it was never worn. I have the quilt top and and dress hanging across the footboard of my antique bed.

    By the way, since I just taught a Jacob's Ladder class, I see that some of your blocks have parts turned the wrong way (of course I had made some of those same mistakes that resulted in a bit of unsewing). Were you thinking of changing those or keep the character of the quilt intact? Maybe that is why the piecer stopped halfway,

    You have a treasure!


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