Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Quilt!

This was a very quick quilt to make....
because I used VERY big blocks of color!!

I only had to make FIVE of these nine patches
using 9" squares of fabric.
It all began with some orange fabric I liked.
I pulled some more oranges
and placed them in the corners.
I wanted those squares to be UN-CUT.

I placed a dark POP! of color in the center....
FOUR light colors in between....

I sewed these big nine patches together..
and then...

....I did some cutting.
Since I used 9" squares...
I measured 4 1/4" from each seam.
TWO cuts.
Easy. ;)

I also needed to trim each of these squares once they were all cut.
It really helps things match up when you

After moving blocks around....I put it ALL together!
The colors in here are so fun!!!
Polka dots always help too!!!
A simple 2 1/2" wide sashing....
and a 6" wide piano key border.....

a very QUICK quilt
measuring 65"x76"


  1. Total gorgeousness! Love disappearing 9-patch quilts!

  2. This is a great quilt, Beth! Love it. Thank you for the idea.
    It would be great for so many fabrics that you want to showcase. Like action figures fabric. I've been struggling for good quilt ideas for those types of fabrics.

  3. Quick and adorable.........another sweet creation Beth.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Wonderful!! Thanks for the info on your process, too - I can't wait to make one of these myself!!

  5. Love this quilt! Large blocks are my favorite. Thanks for sharing...

  6. So cute, I like Disappearing 9 patches so much. More bang for the buck! So quick, easy and fun! This one looks great!

  7. I love how fast and cute this is! Thanks bunches for sharing the process with us. I'm always looking for quick, big-block quilts. :)

  8. If it takes me forever! I'm going to make lots of quilts just like you - I love them all and you are my inspiration - love your blogxxx Froogs xx

  9. It's pretty! I love the blue and orange. I made one with 7 inch blocks once for my daughter and I thought it went fast. The piano key border is perfect too.

  10. Great colors, orange pulls everything together.

  11. Love this pattern. I made one using a layer cake that I didn't have plans to use. I love the colors you uses. I like polka dots too!

  12. I absolutely love your quick quilt Beth! What an inspired idea! I'm going to have to try it with some of my 'way too many' FQs. You always amaze me with your great ideas, thanks for sharing. Hugs, Finn

  13. very nice! I love the border.


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